I have enjoyed the challenge of commissions (public, corporate and residential) for as long as I have been making quilts. Creating artwork for a specific space, that fulfills the dreams of the client, is particularly satisfying to me.

If you have a question not answered below, or if you would like to discuss an idea, please contact me at .

How long does it take to make a piece of fiber art?
This can only be answered, "it depends". Size and complexity are the main factors, of course. If you have a birthday or anniversary date I will do my best to work with you to meet a deadline.
How much information do I need to provide?
I have worked on projects where the client gave me very little to start with, saying "You're the artist, do what you want." Other projects are very specific in design, size, and materials. Some clients provide color chips or fabric swatches for matching. After the initial discussion, I like to send the client a sketch for approval - just so there are no misunderstandings. There is a minimal charge for a sketch or design. If the client approves the project, this design fee is included in the total project fee - sort of a down payment.
Can you make another piece similar to one I saw on your website?
Yes, I have done this, when the client asked for a piece in a different size or different color scheme than what I had on hand.
How much input do I get to provide during the project?
I can provide digital images of the work in progress if you request them. Any changes requested by the client after I begin work may result in an additional fee.
Is the art quilt framed?
I prefer not to frame the piece, mainly because I believe that fiber art does not normally need a frame. After all, it is the tactile, dimensional nature of this medium that makes it unique. Also, framing adds a lot to the cost, and I prefer to pass the savings on to my client. Often my work has irregular edges that would be de-emphasized by a rectangular frame. One exception is when the quilt is being installed in a public or high-traffic venue; then a Plexiglas box or other options should be discussed at the start of the project. Another exception would be small pieces which may benefit visually from a frame.
How is the art quilt installed?
It is usually pretty simple to install, no more difficult than hanging a painting. I include a fabric "sleeve" on the back of the quilt, which holds a slat or rod. The slat can have holes at either end, for nailing to the wall, or I can add a wire and staple it to the slat through the sleeve, and the piece can be hung from a nail or hook. Before sending the quilt to you, I will spray it with a product similar to ScotchGard which also blocks UV light. I can apply a flame retardant product on request (particularly for public art commissions).
How is it shipped to me?
I prefer to ship the artwork by Fedex, with a tracking number. I arrange the art quilt in the box in such a way to prevent wrinkling the fabric, wrap it in cloth and in a plastic bag, and send it in a sturdy box. Thread Sculptures are shipped with plenty of padding.
What if the finished project just doesn't look right in my space?
This would need to be discussed at the beginning of the project. If the finished artwork would be marketable to someone else, I would agree to the client having a 'grace period' to see how the artwork looks in the space, and returning it for a refund if there is a problem. If I do not think it would be marketable elsewhere, the sale would be final; this would be made clear when the contract is written.
What payment methods do you accept, and can I pay in installments?
Checks, money orders, and Paypal are all fine. I would be happy to work out an installment plan with you.
How do we get started?
Just email me at with your thoughts and suggestions, and we'll go on from there! I will be happy to give you an estimate. Sketches and design work requires a small fee, non-refundable. I will put everything in writing before the first project payment for your approval.