Prairie Roots Run Deep
84" high by 69" wide Machine pieced and appliquéd, machine and hand quilting Collage, thread painting, fabric and acrylic paints, ink, yarns, cotton and organza fabrics, thermal foam lining

The client saw my "Root Domain" quilt and decided I could do what she had in mind for her home's back entrance. She wanted a very large wall hanging to cover the door and windows in cold weather, and also wanted the front of the hanging to portray a prairie landscape in the context of the view from her home. (Her yard is a certified wildlife habitat and has native prairie grasses.) She asked for the landscape to look realistic, feel 'open', be late afternoon in the summertime, and be full of life. It was important that the prairie grass roots, which can be many feet long, be featured.

Specific species in the quilt include 5 birds, 6 mammals, 2 reptiles, 5 prairie flowers, 3 prairie grasses, 11 insects, a spider and earthworms.

The quilt has an extra layer on the back of a drapery lining material, for added insulation and to protect the rest of the quilt from effects of being against window condensation. The very bottom section (darkest layer of soil) is this lining, painted dark red. It will extend all the way to the floor when installed.

I took photographs of the progress of this quilt, and put them on the "Making of..." web page.


detail of 'Prairie Roots Run Deep'

foreground detail of 'Prairie Roots Run Deep'

belowground detail of 'Prairie Roots Run Deep'

photography on this page by PRS Associates