above: "Furl", quilted scene, 14 x 19 x 7 inches

Eileen Doughty's specialties are creating landscape art quilts, and three-dimensional thread sculptures. She founded Doughty Designs in 1991 and has been creating commissioned quilts, textile art, and fiber art jewelry ever since. She also teaches and lectures on various aspects of quilting.


See the list on my Schedule for exhibition listings of my thread sculptures, wearable art, and art quilts.

The invitational quilt exhibition, "Inspired by the Beatles", has announced its travel lineup! There are about 150 quilts, each one inspired by a Beatles Song - my choice was "Day in the Life". The quilts will also be published in a book.

My newest thread sculpture: "Dragonfly Tea." The open lily flower is the teapot's lid.
Dragonfly Tea

My newest fabric sculpture: "Strand" 15 x 26 x 8 inches.
Strand fabric sculpture

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