I love the concept of "place" and so my preferred subject matter is the landscape. My background in cartography has been useful in designing my quilts, since designing maps also relies on understanding how people view and interpret colors and symbols. I blend art and science in the creation of my quilts.

The tactile nature of quilts is explored and celebrated in my art. I use "thread sketching" to convey the image into the textile medium, my hands freely moving the fabric as I sew tree branches, leaves, flowers, grasses and other natural motifs. Details are added with surface design techniques such as painting, collage, discharging, and stamping, often on nontraditional fabrics.

Currently my work focuses on exploring what makes textile art so unique from much other fine art media: texture, freedom of shape of my "canvas" (using non-rectangular perimeters) and employing three rather than two dimensions.

Taking commissions is one of the best things I've done in my quilting career. I've encountered many color, design and workmanship challenges I would never have attempted (or known about) otherwise. My stitching abilities have been enhanced by learning to create artwork sized from very large scale landscapes to postcard-size quilts, and even a wearable quilt for a llama.

My quilts have been exhibited in numerous quilt and art shows, and at corporate venues. They are in private, government and corporate collections in the United States and Japan.

Contact me at . I welcome queries about commissions, available artwork, my lectures and workshops, and questions or comments about my work.