Evolution of a Landscape Artist
Or: The Good, the Bad, and the Arty

Eileen Doughty has been making landscape quilts since her very first project in 1987. In this lecture, she will discuss inspirations, techniques and materials while displaying successful and even a few not-so-successful original works (since we learn from our mistakes too). Her landscape work includes many wall hangings, some wearable art and many cutting-edge techniques. Eileen’s quilts have been exhibited across the US and overseas, and are in many corporate, public and private collections.

You Be the Jury

Ever wonder how to enter a juried quilt exhibition, or improve your chances with your application? And what it is like to be a juror? Eileen will take you through the entire process! In the interactive portion of her presentation, viewing slides from SAQA Professional Artist members, the audience will experience the procedure most juries use to select pieces for an exhibition, evaluating each quilt in ten seconds or less to choose their own exhibition.

Three-Dimensional Thread Sculptures

After making art quilts for many years, Eileen realized that she loves thread even more than fabric, and began an exploration of creating dimensional objects from thread alone, using free-motion stitching on her sewing machine. She will share her discoveries during this journey, discussing the process, successes and failures.

Art Quilts in Public Art

Curious about what it takes to apply for a Public Art project? Eileen will explain the steps involved, along with pointers on do's and don't's. In the second half of the lecture she will show examples of several successful projects from quilt artists around the world.

SAQA Art Quilt Slide Show

Studio Art Quilt Associates has collected a set of images from its Professional Artist Members. Eileen would be happy to show this to your guild. It’s a great way to introduce art quilts, have a fun time with friends looking at some beautiful work, and to easily fill a program. It is accompanied by a text provided by the artists, explaining why they made the piece and the techniques used. Eileen can supplement the slides with a trunk show of art quilts.


"Cherry Blossom Time" Postcard Quilt

Capitol postcard

Machine-sew a postcard-sized quilt portraying our nation’s capitol at cherry blossom time. Use ‘thread painting’, inking and fusing to add detail and texture to the landscape elements. Customize the back to look like a real postcard!

Landscape Sampler

cottage landscape sampler

Learn landscape quilting techniques by sewing a simple scene of a cottage in the summertime woods. Use machine free-motion stitching methods to add texture to flowers, foliage, tree trunks, etc. Use fabric crumpling for rocks. Apply details to the house with ribbon, fusing and inking. Class will also cover fabric selection and basic composition for landscape design.

Thread Sculpture

thread leaves

Learn how to make three-dimensional objects with thread, wash-away stabilizer, and free-motion stitching on a sewing machine. The basic technique can be used to design just about any shape or object!

Beginning Machine Quilting

Do you have too many unfinished quilt tops? Are you looking for an alternative to hand quilting? Learn techniques to finish quilts with machine stitching, which adds texture and beauty to your projects. Several samples of both traditional and innovative quilting designs will be made in class. Participants are free to experiment for stress-free learning!

Concord Point Lighthouse Wall Hanging

Concord Point

Use your sewing machine to create a small wall hanging of an historic Chesapeake Bay lighthouse. Use ‘thread painting’, inking and fusing to add detail and texture to the landscape elements.

Or... I will design a scene especially for your workshop!

Cape Hatteras scene

The scene above was designed for a quilt guild in North Carolina.
Learn landscape quilting techniques by sewing a simple scene designed especially for your group. Workshop is similar to the Cherry Blossom Time above.